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For reliable vehicle locksmiths in Cardiff, our technicians have at their disposal the best locksmith technology and are available at your request 24-hours a day. Our adept service is maintained by a computerised system, which helpfully allows our locksmiths to perform a perfect, damage-free job. We are able to assist with lost and broken car keys, damaged locks, lockouts, transponder programming issues, ECU programming, and a great deal more.

If by chance you have broken the key, there is a good chance that one of the following instances have taken place: in the case that you break the key off in the ignition barrel, we will quickly extract and create a new key. We recommend wholeheartedly that you do not attempt to extract the key by yourself, as you may make the situation far worse—forcing the key further into the mechanism. Secondly, if you happen to have busted the key outside of the lock itself and still maintain all of the pieces of the key, we will gladly cut a new key in its place from the bits of the broken key. Thirdly, if you happen to have broken the key outside of the lock and have not held onto any of the pieces, we will remove any lock in the car and create a new key.

In the event that you have lost the key to your vehicle, simply call one of our representatives, and we will send a vehicle out to your location, in most cases, within an hour of the call. The technician will cut the new car key in one of our vans, at which point, we will be equipped to do the job to perfection. If by chance the key to your vehicle has been stolen, the perpetrator will be able to access your vehicle at a later time, so we need to then erase the key with the immobiliser. By doing this, the individual will be unable to start the vehicle because of the altered transponder. In addition, changing the barrels may also make sense, so that the thief is not able to open the vehicle.

We do our best to advise individuals on the importance of having a spare key, for it is more cost effective to create a new key from one that already exists, rather than from scratch. Please spend the time necessary to examine our many services, and let us know if we can help you with any of your vehicle locksmith issues in Cardiff.


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